The shine in her eyes is gone, the life in her voice is torn , Pushing up in spite of all, Just to be hurt , had no strength even to crawl ; Her life feels like a forced one , her cry feels like a desperate ones, to her,one more scar maybe the last , but life hates her and won’t let her go that fast ; praying for the night to come , Just to get away from days scum , but beneath the darkness lies the fear, at last she let slip one tear ….. – MANYAContinue reading “HER LIFE BENEATH THE DARKNESS”
  • (no title)
    PROSTITUTE – A DESIRE OR A NEED TO WORK She wears a torn cloth in the room closed tight , And glittery green frocks with heels six inches high ; Fakes her smile with a lipstick coloured brown , Whenever she goes out with eyes always down; Auctioned body her souls mean nothing, Whenever she owned, she owned has a thing; Different faces every night and day, All colours in her life were turned to grey; Eleven years old her body started bleeding, It wasn’t natural it was penetrating; Several slaps, her skin seems leather, No one took care longContinue reading
  • Healthy Weeknight Meals
    Cooking can sometimes feel like a chore at the end of a busy day. It’s often tempting to throw a ready meal in the oven or call for take out. But preparing a simple and healthy family meal doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. Here are some quick wholesome dishes that you and your family will love. They can even be prepared in advance.
  • Better than Poutine
    I know, what could be better that a steaming plate of fries, gravy and cheese curd? Fries, gravy, cheese curd and bacon, that’s what! Throw in some fresh shallots, chilli, and a splash of roasted bone marrow and duck gravy, and we turn this popular French-Canadian dish into a something sublime.
  • Breakfast at my House
    During the week we’re often walking out the door with a coffee in one hand and slice of toast in the other, but on weekends breakfast is never rushed. It’s a late affair, sometimes spilling over to lunch, with lots of reading and chatter in between courses of fruits, poached eggs, honey and toast. One of our favorite things we like to serve when friends are visiting are buckwheat blueberry pancakes.
  • Roasted Pumpkin Soup
    There’s nothing better than a warm bowl of pumpkin soup on a cold autumn day. Combine your roasted pumpkin with some onion, garlic, vegetable broth, and a few spices, and give it some time to simmer away. Pair it with a few slices of fresh bread to turn it into something sublime.

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